Service Checklist

Before calling for service checklist

  • Check electrical breakers/fuses – there may be multiple circuit breakers for each unit.
  • Check the temperature control to make sure someone has not adjusted the operating temperature incorrectly or changed the setting to heating instead of cooling.
  • Check to see if the condenser coil is dirty or blocked, not allowing the heat transfer at the condenser – this is located outside of the box usually on top or at a remote location, possibly outdoors.
  • Do not use the dial thermometer on the door frame as the actual temperature of the freezer/cooler –  these are only an indicator and are easily affected by the door opening due to the sensor location
  • Note – When units go into defrost steam may occur at the coil inside walk-in freezers – it is not smoke – also on reach-ins at the condensate pan underneath the freezer or cooler.
  • If the coil inside the cooler is iced up, manually defrost the coil by shutting off the compressor. The fans should remain on to defrost the coil. After defrosting the coil, the temperature should fall to the set temperature. If it ices up again, call for service