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We are pleased to spotlight one of our top salesmen, Peter Cunti. Peter joined Curtis in November of 1989. Peter, prior to joining us, served his time with the food store fixture dealers that Peter now calls on, and prior to that was employed in the steel industry with a steel distributor. Peter's winning personality and charm and his knowledge of our industry has made it easy for his clientele to do business with Curtis.

Born in Toronto of Italian heritage, he has lived in the increasingly traffic snarled City of Toronto all of his life. Peter's small family consists of wife Fern, a career businesswoman in her own right, and son Sebastian. Peter gardens in his North Toronto home, but he also enjoys fishing and cooking, and collecting and eventually drinking fine wines.

Peter works hard for his customers, and his big release of the year is to travel for two weeks to Italy each summer with his family and spend time exploring and savouring that Italian heritage with his Canadian and Italian family and friends.

Peter, Fern and Sebastian travel to a little village with a population of 500 called Statigliano. Located between the main cities of Rome and Naples, Statigliano is nestled up in the hills on a winding road between the towns of Latina and Pietramelera with all of the area being the domain of the Romans. The Romans probably came here because there was no industry and no pollution. Guess what, that still attracts tourists from Rome and Naples as well as Peter and family from smoggy summertime Toronto.